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365 bottles

on the transformative voyage

The object

water bottles, 365

Ordinary, container of fluid material.

Contains fluidity (water) and at the same time suggests stability (plastic form/bottle).  A traditional notion of half empty half full. Mundane and necessary. Transparent.

The situation

A process of filling up an empty space (theatrical stage) with 365 bottles suggests a constant fluid transformation of space. A repeated action / process, with an obvious destination, re-questions theatrical time / duration, theatrical space and theatrical action.

Other thoughts (on harmony)

“365 bottles” is a music harmony based research focusing on the viewing experience rather than context.

The process The performer (Marion Renard) neglects her performative security and confronts her vulnerability by engaging herself to a silent agreement with her audience to follow a simple stage procedure with an apparent and pre-stated destination. It goes against conventional theatrical rules. The action suggests that the destination of a piece is less important than the viewing experience. It metaphorically suggests that the placement of every bottle could include the affluence of every step or stop in a voyage. Time and repetition allow to the viewers to compose their own dramaturgical context (organic dramaturgy) Concept, direction: Xristo Kaouki Choreography with objects: Marion Renard, Xristo Kaouki

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