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xristo kaouki

multidisciplinary artist

"our body narrates through its reaction with a universe of objects and material"


Interested in the research on the semiology of natural and simplistic happenings. The phenomenology of simple actions. He choreographs them, performs them and manipulates them plastically. Installs them visually. He believes that our body narrates through its reactions to a universe of objects and materials. He creates, teaches, trains, learns and researches. His work has been characterised contemporary and atypical.


Through a watchful attitude towards life itself, xristo kaouki tries to reinvent the existing possibilities of ordinary moments. He choose abstractive, minimalistic and yet ordinary situations in order to reveal new information and remind the vitality of simplicity, the mundane and the ordinary. 


With his interventions ,xristo kaouki is focused on a transformative and collective “happening” (often ephemeral) suggesting that highly conceptual manifestations can be expressed with common words and common objects, for common people in common grounds. 

Everyday objects, that suggest "gestural" situations, are the core of his work. through that he diminishes the distance between viewers and art. In theatrcal work (directions and dynamic scenography) and in his interventions (mostly in public space) he aims in bending the rules of art, theatre, action and art viewing. He creates a "point of non systemic view" as a constant interrogation. 

He uses "apparent invisibility" (The Ordinary), "dynamic scenography" and the "air of circus" as the main axis of his creations. 

He had the chance to be a student of great figures in circus, object theatre and dance and after that he has created his own artistic vocabularly. 


Support:   Greek Ministry of Culture (2020-21, 2019-20, 2009-10, Department of Dance), Isadora Duncan Dance Research Center (2015 & 2009), Laureate of Internaltional Residencies of Récollets (Xristo Kaouki) (Institut Francais / Ville de Paris, 2013), Espace Périphérique-la Villette Residencies (Paris, 2013), Porte-Folie (traveling museum of street arts, 2012-2013, Europe), Marseille 2013 European Capital of Culture, CASCAS European Program for Street Arts (Xristo Kaouki) (Finland, 2011),  Greek Ministry of Education / educational program & TV 2009, Institut Francais of Athens (IFA) 2009, Special Price of International Festival of Street Arts Athens  2009, Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe (Circus Next) final selection 2008, Le Cirque et la Danse (Hors les Murs 2011 DVD) (Marion Renard), France 3 Coolori 2011, Municipality of Moelan sur Mer and Cultural Center Ellipse (2018-2020), Municipality of Tremeven (2018-2020) (…) 


 Festivals & venues:    Benaki Museum (2016), La Folle Histoire des Arts de la Rue, Dream city (Contemporary Art Festival, Marseille), Festival Et20 l’Ete, Festival Vivacité, International Dance Festiva of Kalamata, International Puppet Fair of Sofia, International Circus and Street Festival of Lublin, International Festival of Alternative Theatre of Zagreb, National Festival of Greek Choreographers,  Skopje Festival,  Festival Objects & Bodies in Movement of Athens, International Dance Day, International Street Festival of Athens, Art Locus site specific performances  Festival, Moving Silence Festival, Remap3 Festival, Grevena Festival, Electric Nights (alternative and electronic music festival), Rue Libre Organisers, In-Progress festival (participation 2013 and members of jury 2015), Vironas municipality (Athens), Goethe Institute (2013), unannounced venues (Ermou street Athens 2009, 2012, 2015, Sindagma square Athens (2009), Finistere Bretagne coast line France 2014, Rethymno Crete 2013), Roes theatre (Athens), Beton 7 (2012), (…)

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