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the box

-mailing intervention-

"this is not an advertisement (neither a bomb)"

200 (apparently empty) boxes have been posted to selected people (from social, political and artistic fields)

Each box is unique.

In a period of digitalisation, virtual environments, social media and social isolation, with “theBox”, xristo kaouki emphasises on the theoretical objective that art must “enter” the viewers “private” space and should look on all the available means to do so. Either digitally, physically or intellectually. 

As a public space  artist xristo kaouki consider that, that simplest way to communicate is to use a recognisable “language” (or method). Postage.

Because of its conceptual and design status, it could be considered as a potential object of art, despite its apparent simplicity. With “theBox” xristo kaouki seeks for once more tο reduce simplicity to beyond and beneath common perception. In addition, it experiments with recognisable but unattached channels (traditional postal service) of projection/presentation and researches the field of artistic ownership.  This is NOT an advertisement. ​ Concept: Xristo Kaouki Orchestration, Mailing: Xristo Kaouki, Marion Renard, Yorgos Maraziotis,



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