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broadcasting live

-a political moving sculpture-

 3rd crisis 2011 – Athens Greece

“On media, consumerism, micro social explosions, macro movements, silence and contemplation, mass reforms, consumerism and manipulating pop culture”

a political moving sculpture as a street intervention. A static, but conceptual manifestation in the streets of Athens in a period of deep economic crisis, during the halt of national television. 



The object (ice cream) A treat. A sweet. Often forbidden. Processed, contains additives and colorants. Its shape is altered with time (and heat). The two states are visually opposite. The situation A performer (Xristos Kaoukis) and a musician (Yiorgos Amendas) situate themselves in public space. The performer, impeccably dressed, holds a perfectly served, twirled, pop, pink, ice cream. In complete immobility.  The musician (bassist) with an ironic behavior plays acid tunes. The process The physical stance of the performer resembles that of a journalist holding a microphone. The posture is immobile. The melting ice cream redefines the image from impeccably visual to plastic and revolting. In theatrical terms, the action is inspired by that of street living sculptures but with a political notion. A comment about the media Broadcasting live Concept, direction: Xristo Kaouki Performance: Xristo Kaouki, Giorgos Amentas Music: Giorgos Amentas



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