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σταυροφορία (crusade)

instincts beyond tradition


"reclaiming instincts and traditions"

An intervention in an ascetic environment that preserves the sanctity of our humanity. A visual word game.

The metaphor of the crusade lies in the semiotics of the verb "bring" or "carry". A man and a woman both as carriers of a common path.  The  woman as a carrier of life, and the man as a carrier of instincts like the ones of hunter or protector in a symbolic but also organic way.  Together with the root and the hearth,  their past and their "traditions", their sins, they carry their  "cross and crucifixion". In a timeless effort to recover their present.

Objects, bodies, natural materials, sounds and lighting interact in a dynamic installation/performance with the belief that if we look at our history we might recover it. Crusade is a ritual for our symbolic everyday life, evoking concepts, symbols and images. The narrative framework is based on our primal instincts grafted with teachings and myths. Ritual as everyday life, tradition as learning and teaching, family as instinct, religion as a symbol that is redefined within us. ​ " see and at the same time recover the Holy Land... To be moved by a past...” Directing, Dramaturgy: xristo kaouki Conception: xristo kaouki, marion renard Installations & artistic curation: Yorgos, xristo kaouki choreography: marion renard Objects and mechanics: xristo kaouki Performance : marion renard, xristo kaouki Sound Design: Thomas Pouliasis Lighting Design: Nikos Sotiropoulos In Co-production with Munincipal and Departmental Theatre of Patras 2012

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