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“how spectacular could the presence of a monoblock chair be?”

Monoblock is a large scale public intervention conceived and directed by xristo kaouki. An intervention that aims on creating apparently invisible but still spectacular situations.

monoblock interrogates the systemic methodology of spectacle, art viewing and the viewers point of view.

It suggests that highly conceptual manifestations can be expressed with common words, common actions, common objects for common people in common places. 

N.B Monoblock is the white, plastic, common, ordinary and cheap world-renowned chair

​ concept & conduction: orchestrators: Georgos Amentas, Xristos Kaoukis, Vitoria Kotsalou, Georgos Maraziotis, Konstantinos Mizaras, Spyros Pan, Marion Renard sound design: Thomas Pouliasis shape research assistance: Georgos Serafimidis  photographers: still unknown read more on monoblock’s exclusive BLOG: with the support of Isadora Duncan Dance Research Center & Attiki region, 2015 the majority of the photos in this blog are taken by inhabitants on site at Vyronas, Kaisariani and Imittos



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