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a post feminist pop requiem 


Transatlantic is a poetic “biography” of our contemporary era, in times where our existential skepticism is at stake. 

Transatlantic is a postfeminist pop requiem through the eyes and body of a  female artist, a mother, a wife - 43 years old -, a Woman. It is a visual metaphor composed of intimate thoughts, common secrets, ambitions, worries, fears and desires, all provoked by an imposing social maturity.

Placed in an abstract but weirdly familiar universe, this trans-disciplinary performance flirts with the imaginary, the dream and the brutal reality using a vocabulary of circus, contemporary dance, and theater of objects (juggling and puppet theatre).

Intense, clear and aesthetically pleasing images - comic and dramatic, raw and poetic, altogether hide an apparently subtle but often violent reality. Transatlantic is a manifesto about our imminent struggle for existence.

Primarily focusing on the female figure, Transatlantic manipulates landscapes by using visual, acoustic and emotional fragments from historic female figures in Arts that by themselves “dematerialise” their social role.  Images such as the “Ascension of the Virgin”, the Venus of Botticelli, Jean D’ Arc, the eternal bride, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and the female trending SuperHeroes.  Conception, Direction, Dramaturgy: Xristo Kaouki  Performance: Marion Renard  Choreography with objects: Marion Renard, Xristo Kaouki  Stage design: Yorgos Maraziotis, Xristo Kaouki  Music Composition: Thomas Pouliasis Lights: Tasos Palaioroutas Technical Management : Antonis Kokkoris Visual Editing: Yorgos Maraziotis  Photos: Dom Bonobo, Andreas Simopoulos, Thomas Ginis Special Thanks: Mariela Nestora, Themelis Glynatsis, Despina Makarouni, Aline Le Matelot, Michalis Papaleonidopoulos, Christina Sougioultzi, Aliki Kontziou-Gousa, Harold Billiet. With the support of the Ministry of Culture Greece (2019 - 2020), Tréméven and Moëlan sur Mer.

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