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waiting for the rain

-environmental intervention-

"this is rain water"

In January 2013, xristo kaouki was a laureate of Récollet International residencies, with the support of Mairie de Paris & Institut francais, there he installed the "waiting for the rain". 

100 bottles  in a perfectly aligned manner are installed in a public space. All caps are removed.

In a natural sense the bottles are waiting for nature to utilise their apparent role: Fill them up with rain water.


It is a conversation between natural material and an artificial object. (man and nature) Despite the apparent randomness of rain the bottles are equally filled. Its a great way to be amazed by the agreement and integrity of nature. 

The piece is ephemeral.

waiting for the rain suggests the power of an artistic process in transforming a ready-made object (Duchamp) into a conceptually charged object. The object (365 bottles) Ordinary, container of fluid material (water). Contains fluidity (liquid material) and suggests stability (plastic form/bottle). A traditional notion of half empty half full.  Mundane and necessary.  Composed of 3 components (water, plastic bottle and cap). Once full, it is in waiting for usage. Other distinctions This piece is exclusively designed for outside spaces. It acts as an invitation towards natural phenomena and considers them as mobility forces. Once the bottles are half full with rain water they are spread in town and abandoned in absurd places that make them noticeable hoping that they can transform from a found object to an apparently invisible object of art. Concept, Installation: Xristo Kaouki ​



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