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on the failures of masculinity


(whale: noun, profoundly masculine)

Whale is about what's left unsaid. It appears where words loose their meaning.


In a landscape of solitude and fragility it faces with the secret failures of man. 


A theatre of flaws within an absurd normality that question the archetypes of masculinity and the complexity of the human soul.


Both Freudian and LacanIan hence naive and erotic. Phallic beyond narcissism and tragically shaded



Intense images and subversive actions - xristo kaouki mixes dance, performance, circus and object theatre in a dramatic and apparently  invisible way.

"Intense, aggressive, fragile, massive, languid and delicate, the images of 'whale' invite us to dive into open seas and intimate oceans, where objects expand into auditory images, absence is presence, words “scream” from our silence and we all become prisoners of an imaginary freedom, in the ephemeral eternity between desire and its (non)fulfillment." (Lis Nobre, Rethymno 2021) Xristo kaouki Visual artist, clown and choreographer researches the poetics of simplicity. Jots down an autobiography or a confession..  With a few words, whale is looking for new symbolisms and new readings of the quotidian. Uses objects in a conceptual manner creating new paraforms on body and soace going for a new reading. .  With the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports 2020-2021, Department of Dance. Conception, Direction, performance: Xristo kaouki Direction Assistant : Marion Renard, Lida Papadimitriou Dramaturgy: xristo kaouki, Lis Nobre Choreography with objects: Xristo kaouki , Marion Renard Choreographic cu: Μαριέλα Νέστορα Scenography: Xristo kaouki , Yorgos Maraziotis Objects and stage mechanics: Xristo kaouki Sound design and composition thomas Pouliasis , Xristo kaouki Light design : Phill Hills Graphic communication design : Yorgos Maraziotis  Technical support : ΕναΔΥΟ Πολυμέσα Communication: Archontissa Kokotsaki  Thanks : YouCA theatre, Antonis Kokoris, Lilly Papagianni, Laurent Mazat, Themelis Glynatsis



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